A Healthy Diet Should…

This is just a short post about what a diet should and shouldn’t provide… It’s a status I shared a while ago on the AHP Facebook Page but I thought it was worthwhile adding it as a blog post here 🙂

A healthy diet should:

– provide you with adequate energy to get through your day
– encourage a variety of foods and food groups
– allow you to enjoy food and eat out on occasion
– positively affect your mood
– leave you feeling satiated
– provide your body with the necessary macro and micro nutrients (carbs, proteins, fats; minerals, vitamins etc)
– encourage you to eat mindfully and intuitively (eg eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full).

A diet shouldn’t:

– require you to purchase particular supplements/shakes/bars
– exclude a food or food group (unless medically required)
– limit your ability to enjoy social situations
– leave you feeling hungry
– negatively affect your mood; make you feel guilty
– severely limit kilojoules/calories
– leave you feeling tired and flat.


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