Why ‘Fitspiration’ Has Nothing To Do With Fitness

I don’t believe ‘fitspiration’ actually provides inspiration to get fit. Why? Because ‘fitspiration’ is driven by aesthetics, but fitness  has nothing to do with appearance. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

Fitness is your body’s ability to effectively and safely perform a required physical task. It includes cardiovascular and muscular elements as well as flexibility and balance. It’s entirely relative and individual to each person. What we consider fit for an athlete is completely different than what is fit for the general population, which is, again, different to the fitness of someone with a disability or disease. Our fitness isn’t determined by the weight, shape or size of our bodies.

‘Fitspiration’ exclusively features fitness models – this is a huge problem. There is nothing wrong with the body of a fitness model; no body type should ever be shamed. There is, however, a problem when we begin to associate fitness with one body type or when we strive to manipulate and change our own body type into that of someone else’s.

I trust that some people believe ‘fitspiration’ is a healthy alternative to ‘thinspiration.’ They suggest that ‘fitspiration’ is about being healthy and strong, rather than about weight or body size. Sadly, using only one body type in ‘fitspiration’ insinuates that you’re only healthy and strong if you look like that photo (which is entirely false).

Real fitspo final

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