The Week That Was #2

Hi! I missed last week as I was holidaying in Sydney. It’s a beautiful city with lots of lovely walks around the harbour – I love that form of exercise, definitely more enjoyable than walking on a treadmill.

So here’s a few things from the past 2 weeks that I loved!

1. This beautifully written post on why freedom is an amazing reason to exercise.
There are lots of different ways to be physically active beyond going to the gym (see my holiday above) and there’s lots of reasons to be active beyond the desire to change our appearance. Sometimes we need to change the way we think about exercise and how we do it. It should be a form of enjoyment rather than punishment. This article is just lovely. 

2. This video on meditation and neuroplasticity.
I believe that the way we think has a huge influence on our lives, the way we think about ourselves and others. If we’re constantly saying or thinking negative things to ourselves, that’s what we’ll end up believing. Taking some time out from your thoughts and then working to make them more positive can really have a huge impact on quality of life. The video is only 8 minutes; grab yourself a cup of tea and enjoy.

3. This article discussing how weight loss prevents alien abductions…
Haha not really! But you’d be forgiven for thinking it after listening to some people who believe weight loss is the cure for everything. But even if it was – we are yet to find a fool-proof way for people to successfully lose weight and keep it off. We know that diets don’t work. We know that most people regain the weight they have lost, plus more. We know that yo-yo dieting and weight leads to physical complications, not to mention the mental and emotional impact it can have. We know that healthy food and exercise behaviours are good for the mind and body and are achievable for all people – yet it doesn’t guarantee weight loss. So maybe that’s where we need to change our thinking, focus on healthy behaviours not weight.

4. This picture. 
It can be difficult to know how to help someone who is struggling; sometimes you need to do nothing more than be there.





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