The Week That Was #3

Despite the fact we’re only 3 weeks away from summer, the weather here in Melbourne is still cold and wet. I just got back from a walk in the rain; there’s something about being outside that really helps clear my head.

Lots of reading involved this week; make yourself a cuppa and get comfy 🙂

1. This article about ‘real’ food.
All food is real. Whether it’s grown in a garden or made from a packet; it is still food. And it’s up to each individual to determine what the right diet for them is. If you choose to follow a diet made of primarily whole foods grown in your backyard, then awesome! I honestly think it’s a great thing to do if it’s working for you. But it’s just as awesome if you choose to shop at a supermarket and use bottled pasta sauce (that’s me because I always end up killing my basil plant!). Regardless of your food choices, they are yours and yours alone.

2. Dr Rick Kausman’s on radio!
Last Sunday, and for the next 3, Dr Rick Kausman will be presenting on ABC Melbourne radio at 11:30am. Next Sunday will feature Clinical Psychologist Louise Adams. Well worth a listen if you have the time.

3. Snoopy Wisdom!
I posted a Snoopy cartoon on the AHP Facebook page this morning, but this one was too cute not to share as well!


4. This article on how to change your body image monologue.
Body image can have a really profound impact on an individual’s life; affecting their physical, social, emotional and mental health. One way it manifests is in the way we think about ourselves – what sort of thoughts run through your head when you look at your body? If they are negative, this article provides some tips on how to change and create some positivity.

5. This article about Eating Disorder recovery.
Eating disorders are not about body shape or weight. You can be ANY shape or size and have an ED. Yet, so often in the media we are shown images of emaciated young women (also – what about men and older people?). This article expresses that even when someone is a ‘healthy’ weight, the pain of an ED can still very much exist.

“I beg you; don’t dismiss someone because they look fine. Don’t dismiss yourself. Don’t wait to get help. I’m sorry that people are so judgmental. I’m sorry you think you’re not sick enough – not thin enough – until someone forces you into treatment. I’m sorry that eating disorders are misunderstood.”

6. This status update from Nutritionist Fiona McHugh
Not much more I can say on this one – I love what she says and completely agree!


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