Be Curious. Not Judgemental.

“Be Curious. Not judgemental.”

I think this is a wonderful statement to be curious about!

Of course, we can apply it to our thoughts about other people and things (although sometimes it’s just none of our business), however it’s also wonderful to apply to yourself.

Rather than making judgements (usually negative) about why you behave in a certain way, be curious. Explore it.

For example, rather than being angry or disappointed with yourself for eating to the point of discomfort, offer yourself some compassion and be curious as to why it happened.

Maybe it’s an infrequent event for you and when it does happen it’s because the food tasted really delicious and you wanted to keep eating. And that’s totally ok.

Maybe it occurs often for you. It could be because you’re restricting food (intentionally or unintentionally) at other times. Or because you’re stressed. Or because there’s something deeper going on for you. Or for any other unique reason.


Considering another example, maybe you’re frustrated that your fitness isn’t improving as quickly as you’d hoped and you begin to blame yourself for not training hard enough. That could be a possibility. But by becoming curious you may discover you’re training too much and your body isn’t having enough recovery time. Or your exercise program isn’t well prescribed and the intensity isn’t appropriate. Or there are other areas of your life and health that are limiting your fitness.

There are a multitude of other scenarios where you can apply curiosity rather than judgement. They may be around food, exercise, and body image, or completely unrelated. You might prefer to explore the issues on your own, or it can be helpful to discuss it with a family member, friend, colleague, or a professional (eg psychologist, counsellor, dietitian, exercise physiologist, doctor).

Being curious can empower and enable you, rather than using judgements to berate yourself.


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