How do I Develop a Healthy Relationship with Exercise?

As part of my Ask An Expert column with Libero Network, I was asked: How do I develop a healthy relationship with exercise? I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum – over exercising and not exercising at all. I’m currently not exercising because I hate it so much, but I know my body needs movement.  What should I do?

My response:

Moving our bodies is certainly something that can make us feel really good. However, as you’ve experienced, over-exercising can lead to a negative relationship with exercise and be quite detrimental to physical health. It is not uncommon for those who over-exercise to also have periods of no exercise and it can be very difficult to find a healthy balance.

Firstly, I advise speaking to your doctor and an exercise physiologist to check it is safe for you to re-commence exercising. Over-exercising places you at risk of repetitive strain injuries, stress fractures, and heart complications. If you have/are experiencing any of these, your doctor and exercise physiologist can offer safety precautions you may need to take whilst exercising.

As this post is written for Libero Network, I’d love for you to continue reading here…


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