About Us

Jodie Mechielsen (Assoc MAPS) is a Doctor of Psychology (Clinical) candidate, exercise physiologist, training and workshop presenter, and consultant, with over 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry. She holds a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Human Movement, a Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology, a Graduate Diploma in Psychological Sciences, and Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours). She is currently completing a Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), with her research thesis exploring the relationship between negative affect, binge eating, and mindfulness. Her prior research has also looked at the psychological responses to viewing idealised bodies, including the thin-ideal and the fit-ideal (aka “fitspiration”).

In addition to her tertiary studies, Jodie has completed training and professional development in eating disorders, the non-diet approach (including Dr Rick Kausman’s health professional training), mindfulness, motivational interviewing, support group facilitation, and suicide intervention.

Jodie is involved in the development and delivery of eating disorder education workshops for fitness professionals. She contributed to the instigation of HAES Australia and is a member of the advisory committee. Jodie has also provided expert contribution to publications including Fitness Australia’s eMagazine and Libero Network.

Jodie is particularly interested in providing exercise support to those who may be experiencing: eating disorders, body image difficulties, a poor relationship with exercise (including excessive or compulsive exercise), frequent dieting and weight cycling, and mental health difficulties.

Due to the specific needs associated with these difficulties, Jodie will work alongside other health professionals (eg. dietitians, psychologists, and medical practitioners) to ensure you are receiving best practice support.

Jodie works solely from a non-diet and HAES® approach to help individuals move towards their healthiest and happiest selves. She believes exercise and nutrition are two ways to support physical and mental health, but how this manifests will be different for everyone.

You, as a human being, have