Six Things I’ve Learnt After Getting Rid of My Scales.

Mid-last year (2014), I shared this post on my Facebook page about getting rid of their scales (I encouraged people to use them as a pinata!). Not long after, I received a message from one of my page ‘likers’ – Naomi. She told me she’d planned to get rid of her scales. Six months later, she’s still without her scales and hasn’t been tempted to get another set (yippee!!!). 

This is a eye-opening article from Naomi about what she learned in the first couple of weeks of being scale-free. 

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Learning to Love to Run Again

This is a beautiful guest post by Judith Bowtell from Albany Lane.

At some point in my life I lost the joy of running.

As a little kid, I am sure I loved to run. On grass, on sand, in the park and playground.

I would have loved to have been chased by big brothers and sisters, by cousins who maybe occasionally let me win. I would have played chasey and hide and seek and keepings off. All these games involved movement and running: unconscious and spontaneous.

Then at some point I stopped wanting to run. It became uncomfortable or I became self-conscious. I developed breasts and hips and thighs and running was no longer fun.

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Exercise Challenges – Why?

This post is co-authored by Andrew Dowler (AEP, ESSAM) from Move EP

We’re sure you’ve seen these exercise challenges floating around the internet and gyms, such as:

  • 300 sit-ups in 30 days
  • 250 squats in 25 days
  • 100 push-ups non stop

They’re really interesting, like most things in fitness there are good and bad elements to these challenges. Depending where the individual is coming from, in terms of physical fitness and mind set, they can be pretty cool, or downright dangerous.

Let’s take a look at the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

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